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Foundations in Coaching Course

What is the purpose of this course?

Learn the foundations of coaching, with the knowledge, skills, understanding, and practical know-how, to equip you as a life and executive coach.


We believe that a holistic mind-body-wonder approach is more effective in supporting people in real life scenarios than a traditional single silo approach.  


  • We believe that acquiring coaching skills is truly transformational in people’s lives, careers and relationships

  • We want to enable you to help people in a holistic, rounded and practical way to support their (continuing) personal and professional development

  • We want to ensure our course equips you with all the tools and know-how you’ll need to be able to effectively and confidently support your coaching clients.

What is the time commitment for this course, including offline work vs. live lectures/meetings?

  • There will be a small amount of pre-reading (3-5 hours)

  • The teaching and practice elements total 50 hours over 6 weeks

  • 5 days are in person (8 hours per day)

  • 4 virtual ½ days (3 hours per day)

  • You will need to find a few people to practise your coaching skills on between sessions

What qualifications will I achieve?

A foundational certificate in Coaching that allows you to register with the internationally recognised EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). It will also enable you to enrol in the Human Wonder Holistic coaching Diploma.

Assessment - exams or assignments?

  • There are no exams for this course

  • 1 x Assessment - Involves an observation of your session by a Human Wonder teacher

  • 1 x Written assignment - Demonstrate how you are using the coaching skills and models to inform your practice in your sessions with your coachees 1000-1500 words

  • 1 x Written assignment - Self reflection on what you are learning about yourself 1000-1500 words

How much will this cost me?

This coaching certification is an investment of £2,450 (excluding VAT) in your personal, professional and financial future.​

Will I be able to work as a coach?

Yes, the training provides a fundamental platform to practice as a coach or complement your existing role.

Who is ‘The Foundations in Coaching’ course for?

If you are looking for a career change, seeking a new way to develop and grow yourself, want to enhance your existing role or practice, or looking to explore the fascinating world of coaching, this is for you.

What will I get out of this course?

  • Learning how to help people in the most “wonderful” way possible

  • Growing a support network and connecting with other “wonderful” people

  • Advancing your career 

  • Increasing your income and earning potential

  • Gaining valuable coaching know-how (i.e. tools, models, methodologies and frameworks)

What makes this course different?

  • Range of teachers who bring business experience, coaching and therapy and psychology together under one roof

  • You are joining a community of like minded people

  • There’s plenty of opportunities for further development that allows you to develop your career in your own desired way

  • We go the extra mile to make sure you have what you need to be a successful coach

How is the course taught?

  • Whole group teaching and activities as a group to understand and digest the material in experiential ways

  • Individual self reflection to consider how we are individually responding to what we are learning and tap into our own inner wisdom

  • Smaller group working in triads, one person is the coach, one is the coachee and one is an observer giving feedback

Is this online or in person?

This course is offered using a hybrid approach with part of the course being delivered in person and part virtually.

  • First 3 days are in person in central London

  • Then there are 4 virtual sessions

  • The course finishes with 2 in-person days in central London

Who’s teaching this course?

This course is taught by a team of interdisciplinary practitioners with a wealth of skills and experience in coaching, therapy and psychology who can deliver ‘know how’ combined with training expertise. The core teaching team include our Co-Founders:

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