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Debbie Fisher

Debbie Fisher

Developmental Coach & Supervisor



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I love to help people to liberate their potential and am passionate about enabling development, growth and evolution. I come alive when I help others to see and realise what’s possible for them.

I love what I do, its a priviledge and an honour to work with people in a coaching or supervision partnership. I offer a deep, developmental and supportive coaching space for others. I am also a big supporter of the coaching sector and love to share my passion for coaching with others through education and love to collaborate with other professionals.

I live in Norfolk, on the east coast of the UK and love it here with the mix of Norfolk broads, stunning coastline and historical city of Norwich (where the people are some of the friendliest in the UK according to the papers). My incredible family and friends are a huge part of my life, complimented by our cat Milo and crazy golden retriever Harley. Connection is essential to me.

Practice and approach

Practice and approach

I am a developmental coach, which for me means helping people to move forwards in their lives by acknowledging where they are today, where they could get to and freeing ourselves from the things that are holding us back. Developmental coaching looks at how an adult evolves and matures over the course of their lives. This changes what we are aware of, how we understand and make meaning in our lives. Developmental coaching facilitates becoming healthy in the stage of maturity you're at and then the development in to the next version of you as expand and grow.

I often work with people who are keen to grow and evolve in their own personal development and know that they have untapped potential. They may have done a lot of inner work and have great self awareness already but be struggling with a particular topic they can't get to grips with themselves. Keegan described this as feeling like we are 'in over our heads'. They may be making a transition in their lives that needs them to show up in a different way, feeling lost, disconnected or like they are shedding their skin. These growing pains can be made much easier with the support of a developmental coach.

I feel that it’s a privilege to hold that space for people to build both their self-awareness and to develop our collective awareness and make the changes that ultimately set us free.


Qualifications and experience


The majority of my career has been working with organisations to strategically transform and improve how they work, mainly in business transformation, organisational culture change and staff engagement, before moving in to leadership development. I have worked internationally with a wide range of sectors and organisations including banks and building societies, retailers, national and local public sector and educational bodies and a growing number of start-up tech enabled businesses. I coach individuals and teams in life and leadership, with an integral, holistic and developmental perspective.

I am qualified as a level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor, Supervisor, registered with the EMCC and ICF, a Systemic Team Coach and have developed a special interest and expertise in how adults grow up, wake up, clean up and show up (Integral Vertical Adult Development), qualified with Stages International, working alongside and learning from some of the best, cutting edge thought leaders and academics in this evolving area.

My recent CPD certifications include tools for emotional regulation, values, energy (hrv), shadow work, hypnotherapy to enable an integrated and flexible toolkit that provides the right type of bespoke support for the person.

This allows me to create a space for individual coaches and teams or groups to deeply explore their issues and aspirations and find the insight and magic they need to free themselves from constraints, find new perspectives and realise their true potential.




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