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Dr Amy Redmond

Dr Amy Redmond

Psychologist & Coach



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At the heart of my work has always been a desire to help people thrive.

I believe that everyone has enormous potential, but we’re often held back by something – an incompatible work environment, a lack of self-belief, a tendency towards perfectionism. Whatever our gremlin, psychology and coaching hold the key to unlocking potential.

I live for the ‘A-ha’ moments when the clouds lift, and my clients have clarity about what’s holding them back and how they can move forward towards their ambitions.

Practice and approach

Practice and approach

As a coach, I specialise in executive and life coaching, helping people identify and overcome their challenges so they can move towards their ambitions with clarity and confidence.

As an innovation psychologist I work with teams, start-ups and scaling businesses to help them define, agree and realise their most ambitious innovation goals.

I see the very best in people and my coaching is all about helping people build the confidence and self-belief they need to achieve their biggest goals.

Reassuring and encouraging, you’ll feel like you’re in safe hands. I build honest relationships, am ambitious for others to be successful and re-frame even the most challenging situations as opportunities for growth.

People tell me I make them feel endlessly optimistic and enable them to stay focused on what they want to achieve. People describe me as rocket-fuel for success!


Qualifications and experience


My career journey has been varied, winding, and occasionally pot-holed! I waitressed through my teens and 20’s to pay my way through university; landed an advertising sales job (which I was spectacularly bad at!) and spent a couple of years teaching English in Japan. These jobs weren’t quite right for me, but they helped me realise that psychology held the key to fulfilment - in life and at work. Since then, I’ve spent 20 wonderful (mostly!) years studying, researching and working in the field of psychology and behaviour.

  • ILM level 7 Coach and Mentor

  • PhD Psychology of Innovation

  • Msc Occupational Psychology (merit)

  • Bsc Psychology (2:1 hons)

  • Director of Innovation and Psychology at Clever Together - a thriving innovation agency,

  • Director of PASE Financials - a successful equities trading firm

  • Occupational Psychologist, Basis Limited - a groundbreaking consultancy

  • Researcher - TMP worldwide/Bartlett Scott Edgar - edgy, creative advertising agencies

  • and now…co-founder of Human Wonder Unlimited - where the world’s most wonderful coaches and therapists work with amazing clients.




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