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Neresia Osbourne

Neresia Osbourne

Integrative Therapist and Therapeutic Coach



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Welcome Thank you for reading my bio, I appreciate the time it has taken you. I am an integrative therapist and therapeutic coach. I use a wide range of approaches and strategies. I work with you to empower, motivate and strategize you in your daily endeavors. My approach gives scope to create space to balance both your personal and professional life.

Practice and approach

Practice and approach

My therapeutic coaching areas of interest include Women,Returning to work & Maternity, Complex needs Multiple Birth Parenting, and working with differences (BIPOC). My psychotherapeutic orientation is integrative with an existential outlook, As a dual-practitioner, I can provide short-term psychotherapy and coaching to help you move forward and achieve your goals. If more appropriate, longer-term psychotherapy may be offered to allow for a broader exploration of how past experiences impact your ability to cope in the present.

Therapeutic Coaching

I am a Therapeutic Coach , a member of the BACP Coaching Executive Division and

a Member of the  Association of Coaching.

I use the Personal Consultancy model to integrate coaching and therapy into my

practice. This allows me to integrate the depth perspective, offered by counselling

and psychotherapy, with an opportunity to make constructive, practical changes,

associated with coaching. This is possible because all of these practices, in fact,

use similar skills, and their domains already overlap to a large extent. After

assessment this approach  could be a suitable choice for clients in being able to

meet their needs.

In my practice I collaborate with you, supporting the space where you learn to

thrive. I support clients often experiencing unexpected life changes, disability,

career changes, and self-development. I also help carers and young adults with

additional needs, including ADHD, Autism, and Downs Syndrome.

I hold a certificate as a special needs’ life coaching consultant, and I specialize in

working with families and individuals whose role involves the care of

complex/special needs/ babies, disabled children, and young adults.

I work with mothers and families to ensure that they and their children or young

adults have access to the support, encouragement, resources, and knowledge to

lead happy, fulfilling lives.

I working with small business owners, charities, and neurodiverse adults.

Supporting Wellbeing, Management, Communication, Relational organizations, and



Qualifications and experience


BA Psychology and Counselling

Post Graduate Diploma Integrated Counselling and Coaching

Certified Life Coach for special needs families (speciality cerbral palsy and movement disorders)




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