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Milena Georgieva

Milena Georgieva

Integrative psychotherapist


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Maybe you have tried some things and they've not really helped, and you feel a bit lost on what to do next. In our therapy work, we try to understand what's been going on for you and support you through change. In our therapy sessions, we explore your experiences in depth and at your own pace, so that you can understand yourself better. We also find ways for you to manage problems in a healthier way and to implement changes in your life - whether it is improving your confidence and relationships, creating new habits, or accepting a part of yourself.

Practice and approach

Practice and approach

Practice description I work integratively, combining different therapeutic approaches and coaching tools. The approaches I use are psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural and person-centred Person-centred therapy: this is my attitude to therapy and underpins all the therapeutic work that I do. It means that our work is collaborative - whilst I use my professional knowledge to help you make decisions, you have input and say in how we do therapy. This includes the type of material you bring into our sessions, how we interpret your experiences, whether you want the sessions to be more exploratory or focused, etc. Psychodynamic: We might decide to explore how your early relationships and experiences have shaped you - your beliefs, feelings and thoughts, and your responses to the world around you. This makes it easier to understand and accept yourself. Cognitive behavioural therapy & coaching: sometimes we know that we have a problem and where it stems from, but we don’t know how to change. This is where CBT and coaching come in. Some of the exercises and tasks from these two approaches can assist you in creating more helpful responses to the world around you and to yourself.


Qualifications and experience


Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Coaching (PGDip) at University of East London (2020-2022) (BACP accredited)

Certificate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy introductory course certificate (2020) SDS Seminars (BACP accredited)

Bachelor of Science with Honours Psychology (BSc) at Oxford Brookes university (2014-2018) (BPS accredited)

Certificate Introduction to Psychopathology at Oxford University (2017) ​

BACP registered counsellor




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