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Coaching & Therapy

Our interdisciplinary practitioners.
Body - Mind - Wonder.

Our community of interdisciplinary practitioners ensures we have the right person to help. This incredible handpicked team of psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, nutritionists, physios, osteopaths and medical hypnotists to name a few, work together to support people across all aspects of life; treating the whole person,  mind-body-soul. We work together to ensure we can support you in the best possible ways to make changes in your personal life, work, or with your health and wellbeing needs.​

Meet our practitioners...


“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.



We're here to help you thrive

At Human Wonder we help people create, innovate and thrive.


Coaching and therapy: Whatever’s holding you back, we have a quilt work of dazzling therapists and coaches, who will be able to support you either 121 or in a group. Rather than having thousands of practitioners on a database, where an algorithm decides who you should be matched with, we made it our mission to find the most diverse, skillful, experienced and wonder-full coaches and therapists across the globe. We have specialists in life and executive coaching, and therapists working with anxiety, depression, loss, relationships, identity, trauma, neurodiversity, nutrition and chronic physical conditions and much more. If our associates cannot help you we always look beyond our network to support you.

Organisations and Teams: there are lots of reasons why an organisation or a team might not be meeting its potential – poor communication, lack of autonomy, unclear vision, misaligned values. Whatever the issues, we craft a bespoke programme of coaching support, drawing on our incredible diverse team of coaches to take your organisation, your team and your people from where you are now, to where you want to be. Your people will have greater satisfaction, cohesion, clarity and renewed motivation.

Join us  on a journey of discovery and growth.


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At Human Wonder, we offer an integrated approach coaching and therapy underpinned by psychology to help people thrive.

We seek to truly understand each person’s individual perspective. We do this through empathic listening, genuineness and unconditional regard. We explore aspirations, issues and existing patterns, and use different tools and modalities to enable you to move forwards.  
















We are passionate about helping people thrive. As coaches and therapists ourselves we see every single day that people can transform their lives when they get the help they need to make change.


We believe that by working more deliberately as a community of practitioners with an interdisciplinary approach, that we can offer more and better support for people so they can flourish. We use coaching, therapy and organisational psychology to offer support for individuals and organisations, utilising the best tools for the job to provide a tailored package that truly meets your needs and circumstances. 


We believe everyone should be able to benefit from coaching so we are a socially conscious business - this means while we are a business (we all have bills to pay!) we reinvest a significant proportion of our time to provide coaching and therapy for those who couldn't ordinarily afford it.

We collaborate with amazing people - we want to maximise our opportunity to have a positive impact on the world around us so we work with an awesome team of handpicked practitioners who share our values, to provide the best package for you.




“Human Wonder has been an innovative and incredibly supportive executive coaching experience. Amy has an amazing ability to ask questions that address the heart of an issue, thereby enabling any blockages to be removed. She’s able to draw out the innovative and creative sides of me so that I can focus on doing the work that I really enjoy.”  Royal Mail


“Club Soda engaged Debbie to coach our team through a difficult phase in product development. Members of the team were pulling in different directions, and we struggled to make clear decisions together about our next steps. Faced with competing priorities and clashing personalities, Debbie brought calm, clarity and coherence. In our team sessions, she held a space in which people could respectfully hear each other, so we could collectively make better decisions. As a result, we were able to co-create a plan, and individual team members felt empowered to take ownership of the outcomes.” Dru Jaegar - Co-Founder and Director of Programmes, Club Soda


“I have found the sessions enlightening, you have challenged my more rigid preconceptions, and helped me generate new approaches... ” Dr Moxley NHS







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